The Trois-Lacs Fish Breeding Station is located in the Eastern Townships between Sherbrooke and Victoriaville. Produced are Salmon Trout, commonly known as Speckled Trout and also Yellow Pike.

To place orders at the Fish Breeding Station, please consult our calendar for schedules on Salmon Trout and Yellow Pike breeding.

The Fish Breeding Station provides:

  • Transport of fish (live)
  • Consulting services on the technical aspects of constructing and maintaining artificial lakes
  • Consulting services on developing rivers and natural lakes (spawning grounds, shelters, seeding)
  • Consulting services on starting up and implementing a fish breeding station
  • Any other consulting service related to aquiculture, fauna and aquatic environments


For further information, please feel free to contact and we will be pleased to respond.


Contact Information:

Marco Blanchet
Telephone: (819) 828-0631
Faxr: (819) 828-0631
Pager: (819) 573-8401
E-mail: station3lacs@yahoo.com

84 R.R #6
Wotton (Québec)