Marco Blanchet studied Applied Ecology and has worked in the areas of aquatic wildlife and habitat development, plus several years in fish breeding.

Since 1994 he has been doing applied research on yellow pike; first at the Larochelle Hunting and Fishing Club (C.C.P.L. Inc.) and then on his own .

Several tests have been carried out on the various techniques, meaning that we are now able to supply yellow pike commercially, although production is still at the experimental level .

Some projects have been carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Production (MAPAQ) in order to develop commercial models for the breeding of yellow pike.

As members of the Quebec Association of Aquiculturists (SPAAQ), affiliated with the Union of the Agricultural Producers (UPA), and also the Aquiculture Research and Development Company (SORDAC), we are at the leading edge of research in field techniques for the production, development and preservation of water habitats.

The technical experience I have acquired will enable me to assist you in developing any of your projects in this field, to their fullest potential.

Facilities at our station include: four (4) trout ponds, six (6) pike ponds, 2 open-ended spawner basins, settling ponds and filter marshes.

The station also contains seven (7) closed-circuit breeding basins and an independent incubation system.

Please note that the term PISCICULTURIST refers to fish breeding whereas AQUACULTURIST refers to breeding aquatic animals and/or the cultivation of water plants. In light of the breeding methods used by us, the more appropriate term to use is aquaculturist.