We harvest Yellow Pike eggs in the river, using wild spawners. In this way we are able to maintain their genetic characteristics.
(Special permits are obviously required for this type of activity!)

Fecundation and harvest stages are listed below in detail.


1. Spawners are captured.
Usually at the end of April, when the water reaches temperatures of 7-8 °C

2. Artificial spawning in situ.
Preparation of a male and a female


3. Artificial spawning in situ.
Eggs are extracted from females by putting pressure on their abdomen. About 40 to 60,000 eggs per kilo are extracted.

4. Artificial spawning in situ .
Male sperm are extracted in the same container as female eggs.


5. Artificial spawning in situ.
Fertilization by mixing sperm.

6. Artificial spawning in situ.
As a final stage, the eggs are detached.


7. Releasing the Pike
The Pike are released into the water at locations for capturing.

8. Incubation
Eggs are incubated for 10 to 20 days, depending on temperature.


After being reared for a few months using both intensive and open-ended systems, small Pike such as this are obtained.